MysticKnight Cavaliers
Mysticknight's Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
A Love Story 

This photo above is of Liffey Lady Kathryn(AKA Penney). She came from Ireland at 8 weeks old. I fell in love with her and with this breed. She is a devoted little dog with a delightful personality. Playfull, inteligent and very affectionate.
Penneys sire is Irish Champion Sancem Cirrus who is now 12 years old. He sired many Champions for Mr. and Mrs Banahan. Mr and Mrs Banahan still own Sancem Cirrus and they are no longer breeding. They are retired from the show ring but still are active in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Ireland.

Cavaliers will repay their owner's care and attention with an eduring devotion.

AKC Champion Laughing Lazer
At 12 weeks Lazer was a very handsome boy. He is active and loving at this tender age. He is a gentle puppy when he playes with Sam, my young grandson. 

AKC Champion Laughing Lazer at two
  Lazer has grown up to be a wonderful, loving companion. He has the typical sweet peronallity of a well bred Cavalier. He Loves the show ring. Lazer is an AKC Champion, International Champion and now also a Therapy Dog and wonderful companion. He has also earned his Canine Good Citizen title from AKC.
He loves playing with my 4 year old Grandson,Sam and loves kissing baby Ellie my youngest grandchild.

The girls at MysticKnight have all fallen in love with Lazer and he with them.

He is a gentle playmate for the young puppies and children, a good, ruff housing time, with the older girls.

Lazer is always the first to greet a visitor. 

GlenBrooks Lady Kate 

Glenbrooks Lady Kate is the favorite of our four year old grandson Sam.
Sam says she is the best kisser. She is also the daughter of Liffey Lady Kathryn our first Cavalier.

Kate as a puppy is pictured with her mother on the home page.

The first time out in the show ring Kate won best of breed for a 5 point major. The second time she won reserve.

Kate is very sweet with a distinctive bark and loves to show. When she enters the ring she gets so excited she can't contain it and out comes a little yip. She is a very fun dog and plays very well with the grand kids, Sam and Ellie.

MysticKnights Starlet 
Star is living up to her name with wins out of the class. She is our next Rising Star 

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