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Mysticknight's Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

We are a very small breeding kennel located in Minnetonka Minnesota. We are located just twenty minutes west of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota and just twenty minutes from the Minneapolis International airport.
Our cavaliers are registered with the American Kennel Club and The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of the United States. We show in both those clubs. We are in good standing with both clubs and adhere to the code of ethics of the Cavalier Club.
Our main objective is to selectively breed healthy, long living, beautiful cavaliers with great temperaments.

We health test even the ones that are not in our breeding program to make sure we are breeding the healthiest lines possible. We only breed the cavaliers that are tested clear for hips, eyes, patellars,hearts and that are not symptomatic for SM. Ask to see the health certificates we hold on ALL of our dogs.
We guarantee a healthy, happy puppy against any inheritable defects that effect the life of the puppy.

Ch. Mysticknight Laughing Lazer 
New Champion 
The day Laughing Lazer became a Champion was a very hot day in more ways than one. He finished that weekend with Best Of Breed and became an A.K.C. Champion of record on July 22,2001. Lazer became a Champion at the age of 18 months. He was owner shown and handled to his championship by Kris Hassig.

Lazer was our first champion but not our only one. At the time we were not sure if we would ever champion another dog.

This year, 2008, Lazers Grandson, "Mysticknights Little Deuce Coup", qualified for an invitation to The Eukanuba Championship Show out of the bred by exhibitor competition. Duece, some of you know him as "Construction puppy" will be headed to Long Beach California to compete in the best bred by exhibitor competition.

We have come a long way since our first champion. We still keep health formost in our breeding. 

MysticKnight Cavaliers are raised under foot. They sleep in our bed and cuddle with us while we watch TV.
It is such excitement when we watch the Westminster dog show or some of the other shows with dogs. Every one is talking(including all the cavaliers). Gishy usually starts the converstion off with the rest chiming in as the show moves along. They love seeing their friends from the dog shows up on the TV and rush over to greet them only to discover they are somewhere behind the big box and refuse to answer them or to come out to play.

Our Puppies are spoiled from birth on.

They are use to the sounds of a busy household with grand children, vaccum cleaners and people coming and going. They also get plenty of Kitty time with our cat," The Buck Stops here", affectionately called Buck. Buck gets to initiate all the pups in the worldly ways of cats. Buck trains the pups to not chase him when he walks through the herd but if he runs they are allowed and encouraged to give chase where Buck escapes to his domain over a baby gate then sits silently snickering at those that gave chase. The dogs sit and watch with wonderment at his athletic ablities while he grooms and gloats just out of reach.Buck does know how smart dogs can be and is wise to there ways too. He knows if they catch him they do not know what to do with the catch and release him to play another day. Buck loves it when the dogs groom him and someday I will be able to catch this on the video camera and promise to put the video on this website. So far when the camera comes out all the dogs leave the cats side and act like I was about to shoot a talk show episode. 

Puppies and Children 
It is a good idea to wait until your children are old enough to take on the responsibility of taking care of a pet. Young children do not understand that a puppy is not a toy.
Step number one is to get the children involved in the process of picking out the Cavalier you would like. Have them go with you to the breeder.
Have them interact with the puppy and see how a puppy responds to them. It is also good for them to see the other siblings and the mother that will be left behind.
Explain to them that your family will become that puppy's whole world and seeing the mother and siblings gives the child a sense of the huge responsibility they will have to their new family member.
Don't bring a puppy home on impulse. Take a step back and decide if this is something you and your children are prepared for. Take a breath and talk about that particular puppy and the job ahead. This will give your children a real sense of the duty and commitment that will be for the life of this new puppy. Your puppy!
Hopefully making them an intimate part of the decision-making process will foster in them the commitment to a loving relationship with a warm and loving Cavalier. May this process provide them with life long memories of sweet puppy breath, laughter and the feeling of unconditional puppy love. 

Healthy Dogs 
We do health certifications on all our Cavaliers. We use board certified cardiologists for the heart.
We also have eye exams by a board certified opthamomologist.
All of our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels see the veterinarian yearly for well dog check ups and annual vaccinations.
Our Cavaliers also see the dentist to make sure teeth and gums are in good condition. Many problems can be prevented by early detection.
Good dental care is directly linked to overall health and longevity in Cavaliers.
Gingivitis and periodontal disease is the number one reason Cavaliers have bad breath. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums caused by billions of bacteria living in plaque. You can't see them but they thrive just above the gum line doing serious damage. Periodontal disease is a potentially life threatening disease in Cavaliers. It leads to tooth loss and infection of the bone surrounding the teeth, which can spread through the body affecting the heart and kidneys.
Dental care is safer and easier then ever before. Just as you visit the dentist before a problem develops, don't wait to see signs of dental disease in your Cavalier before making an appointment.
Sophisticated ultrasonic cleaners and polishers clean both the teeth and gums of plaque above and below the gum line.
Treats can help in the treatment and prevention of gingivitis and periodontal disease. Ask your veterinarian which treats have been proven to fight plaque. Yearly dental visits and health checkups are a way for you to help your Cavalier live a longer, healthier and happier life.
You are in charge of your dogs dental health.

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